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Welcome to the ultimate fancy dress blog for the best in fancydress costume ideas!
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Don’t Forget fancy dress for christmas!!

Just a quick reminder – we did an interesting post about the meaning of fancy dress at christmas, and why its even more awesome to get a tree/elf/mrs santa costume for the day…or at least for a festive fancy dress party…check out that post here and don’t forget to get buying your epic festive fancy dress costume – we have a bunch of options for you, check out these awesome Christmas fancydress costumes:

Halloween Costume ideas – recap

If you didn’t catch our post on Halloween costumes last year check it out now, we covered the most popular of costumes and its a great place to start getting ideas about your next fancy dress outfit. From dracula to zombies to ghosts to freddie and jason, there are so many options for costumes at halloween often its a bit over the top to pick quickly. Browse a bit, search around this site, I can guarantee you will find a wicked halloween outfit!

Fancydress costunes (lol)

It turns out a lot of you guys are searching for fancydress costunes? Whats a costune you might ask? well effectively its a costume, only with an N. Yes an N. Anyway. Check out these extra additions to yes yes fancy dress, nothing that suprising, but nether the less new to the list, watch this space for the ultimate super hero list, we are compiling the biggest list of superhero’s you have ever seen, so you can be anyone from green lantern to super super man. Watch. This. Space.

So anyway a few variations on the typical clown costume, for example jump back to medieval time and go as in jester fancydress instead of the modern clownage. Theres also the joker, infamous to batman fans, but a pretty sweet fancy dress costume to rock up in, especially after the awesome batman films recently.

On top of the ridiculous looking clown stuff we also shoved in some Japanese costumes, the addition of bathing belle was also sensible and then a whole bunch of glitter fancy dress stuff…from makeup to hat’s, theres so much fancy dress glitter costumes available its ridiculous.

Well thats all folks, for now šŸ˜‰ back to work on this list to end all lists, as always thanks for the suggestions, specifically this week to John Peri, A. Gingham and Julie Reed, we appreciate all you guys :)

Lots of juicy new fancy dress ideas for June 2011

I don’t know about you but its half way through the year and I have already used up most of my fancy dress ideas. Because of this today I set about on a new quest, a quest for enough fancy dress ideas to cover me for the rest of the year, new/fresh/different? Ok so they aren’t all new fancy dress ideas – but they are all fresh for yes yes fancy dress, our list of complete options is ever improving, soon we will have every fancy dress costume idea you could ever want, and of course we will keep updating it!

So without further a do check out our latest fancydress idea additions, there are options for every type of party, so check them out!!! We have even stuck in a few photo’s to get you in the mood for fancy-dress, you lucky people!

Celebrity Masks – Steal celebrities faces. Standard.
Monk Costumes – don’t know how we missed this one – come over all silent, be a monk
Xena Fancy Dress – she was always the best warrior princess
Wolverine – the coolest of xmen
Wheres Wally – The number of jokes at the fancy dress party will be many “can she find him?”

Tennis Fancy Dress – This is all about sweatbands and big hair
Assasin costumes – Murder the competition with these sneaky costumes
Ninja Costume – Sneak around the party like the most stealthy of warriors!
Napoleon Dynamite Fancy Dress – The geekiest nerd going, the ultimate in nerdwear for fancydress parties!
Tribal Fancy dress is all about the tattoed arms and headdresses
Wench outfit – Standard girl fancy dress essential

Tattoo Sleeve – tattoo up your arms for the hard man look, without the needles!
Pirate Wench Costumes – ARRRRGGG she be beautiful

Emma frost costume – Marvel super hero hot?
Crocodile Dundee Costumes – He is the coolest of 90’s film fancy dress – “Thats not a knife…this is a knife”
Buzz Lightyear costume – Without Buzz woody wouldn’t be anywhere!
Britney spears Costumes – Dress up like the superstar singer!
Admiral fancydress – Command the seas, or just take over the party as a sea admiral!
American Beauty fancy dress – hot americanage.

Wow what a list! that seemed much shorter as we were collecting it, if you cant find a new fancy dress costume idea on there then you have no hope!! good luck, don’t forget yes yes fancy dress – your one stop fancy-dress shop in the uk!!

Two new types of fancy dress!!

Check out these two new fancy dress costume categories (Just in!!) !!!:

Which Austin Powers character should I go in fancy dress as?

Groovy, Baby, Yeah! So you are planning to attend a party as one of the characters of Austin Powers the movie? Well, you will be in a dilemma for there are lots of interesting characters in this flick. So, if you want to be an international man of mystery then be ready to shag them with your smashing Austin Power fancy dress. But if you want to be different, you can be Austinā€™s evil nemesis Dr. Evil. You just need to have a gray shirt and matching gray pants and latex cap to appear bald. You can also bring your kid to portray Mini Me. You will surely look adorable together!

If you have a girlfriend, you can ask her to wear a Foxxy Cleopatra fancy dress. She is the sidekick of Austin in the movie ā€œGoldmemberā€ portrayed by the sensational Beyonce Knowles. She is from the 1970s, so you need to have those retro attire and afro hair. You can just find a great 70s outfit at a thrift shop or in the closet of your mother. But, when you are planning to go as a group, A Fook Mi and Fook Yu fancy costumes will be a great addition. They are the infamous twins from the movie ā€œGoldmemberā€. They are wearing cheerleadersā€™ costume, so you will not have a hard time finding one. But, if you want to be sexy yet dangerous, you can be a Fembot. I am sure the guests will find you irresistible in a pink lingerie costume.

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