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Halloween is fast approaching and it is that time again when we have to prepare for Halloween parties. These parties are normally costume-themed so preparations really need to be detailed. Some Halloween costume parties are so competitive to the point that time for planning and preparing must be spent.

Since preparing what to wear for these parties may require so much time, you may just use one of the many popular costumes to avoid stress and frustrations. These costumes are readily available in stores or can even be purchased via the internet. To give you some ideas about Halloween costumes, I have come up with the Five Best Halloween Costumes compiled from previous Halloween parties.

The Count Dracula. Who would forget the most terrifying, but seductive and handsome killer of all immortal? The classic Dracula costume would still be one of the most popular Halloween costumes that party goers loved to don.

The Zombies. This character may be considered as overrated but this is one of the most terrifying characters ever. Make sure to enhance your facial effects with your make ups. Or you can even purchase prosthetics to play the part of a zombie monster.

Freddie. Who would want you to visit Elm St. on Halloween? Of course Freddie would really love you to give him a visit. Just make sure you do not sleep.

Jason. If you don’t want to visit Elm St., camping in the woods on Halloween would be very exciting. Just make sure you do not stray away from the group to avoid meeting the bolo-hacking Jason.

The Angel of Death. Death is the theme of Halloween, so it is perfect to don the Angel of Death. Complete the costume with the black hood and the reaper on one hand.

These five ideas will certainly save you time and energy in preparing for you Halloween costumes. More importantly, they will bring fun terrifying your friends.


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