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Fashion is no longer limited to the tall and beautiful. Nowadays, it has become a trend for all ages especially children, who have become more conscious with what clothes are basically “in” or not among their peers. And with the current wave of children costume parties, they are able to strut their favourite costumes including characters of princes, princesses, superheroes, and more.

Sometimes, these fancy dress parties for kids are very competitive. Parents get really involved with making their kids the sure winner. With all the hassles of choosing what the best costumes for your kids are, do consider these Five Best Kids Fancy Dress.

The Royalty Classics. Princes and Princesses are still “in” for these parties. Children, especially the girls, would love to don those lovely, flowing, and shining gowns complete with gloves and the tiara ala Cinderella or Snow White.

The Superheroes. Who would want to become a superhero? I am sure the children are, especially the boys. They would love to play those heroes fighting the bad guys. Let them choose whose character they would want to play – be it Superman, Batman or Spiderman.

The Villains. Of course, if there is a hero, then, for sure there would be a villain. Children would love to play any characters, regardless of what type of character it is, as long as their costumes are cool. Try to introduce characters like Magneto, or even Darth Vader.

The Fruits. Children like foods, especially fruits. They would love to eat anything their hands can hold onto. Try to dress them their favorite fruit. It will encourage them to further indulge in them.

The Anime. Cosplays are the trend right now. For sure, kids would really love to don those creative Japanese anime characters like the Sailormoon, or Naruto.

Remember, make them choose what they want and let them enjoy.


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