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Welcome to the ultimate fancy dress blog for the best in fancydress costume ideas!
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Fancy Dress Accessories

Fancy dress is fairly easy to get sorted (especially now you know about yes yes fancy dress) – get a really good costume and that’ll do a lot of the work for you. At least that is true for the most part. There is however always benefit in those final touches, the icing on the cake, those final fancy dress accessories that transform your costume from zero to hero. We thought we would investigate the most popular of these accessories here, so let us know if we miss any ;).

The most obvious fancy dress accessory going is probably face paint. This comes in a huge number of types these days, from sparkle face paint to normal coloured, sports specific (like st george rugby facepaint) and kids facepaints. Most of them are fairly good in terms of ingredients and all clean off quite well. The face paint experts use some key brands, but luckily these are available too, at not too much expense.

Of course you get the traditional clothes accessories such as fancy dress hats, fancy dress shoes, tights, gloves, masks, wigs and the like – all of which we have here at yes yes fancy dress. Our favourite fancy dress shoes are elf shoes…which are so enjoyably warn around town at christmas, you cant really beat a witchs hat and stripey tights are always cool. boxing gloves work strangely with a lot of costumes, adding a bit of a sideways strange slant. Masquerade masks are an old classic – from before fancy dress but still quite stylish as fancy dress goes!

We will probably recap on these accessories in the future – there is just so many options for fancy dress accessories!


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