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Every time Halloween comes, young people of this generation especially children invades the streets for trick or treat. And not only that, they are also looking forward for costume parties. But because of the many costumes to choose from, they have a hard time picking the best.

To help you with this dilemma, I have come up with a compilation of the most popular costumes for Halloween.

The Twilight Saga. With the gorgeous teen hunk-vampire, Edward must be for the boys who want to be a man. Boys will really like to be on the toes of this vampire hunk – what with girls shrieking and giggling seeing Edward in you.

Lady Gaga. With her astonishing and the not-so- ordinary looks, add the talent that won her many musical awards, and then her song and dance numbers, who would want to decline this Poker face lady Gaga? I guess there’s none, because everybody wants to be gaga with Lady Gaga.

Zombies. For obvious reason, these creatures always play a big role during Halloween season. The scary effect they bring certainly is one of the most sought after costumes almost every year. If you want the scary-yo’-meter to rise, be that flesh-dangling dead-man walking zombie.

The Harry Potter Wizardry. Though it is almost in its last installment, Harry and company are still loved. Just bring the wizard in you and be a Harry Potter character even just for this season. Do not forget the wand and the spell, “Expecto Patronum”.

The Manga Effect. Cosplays (or costume plays) are beginning to gain grounds in the US. These are anime inspired costumes from Japan. Well, whether it would be a male or female, you will still look good and cute. Grab an anime theme costume now.

With all these options to choose from, your next Halloween will certainly be the most memorable.


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