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Welcome to the ultimate fancy dress blog for the best in fancydress costume ideas!
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Archive for February, 2011

Fancy Dress Accessories

Fancy dress is fairly easy to get sorted (especially now you know about yes yes fancy dress) – get a really good costume and that’ll do a lot of the work for you. At least that is true for the most part. There is however always benefit in those final touches, the icing on the […]


Who doesn’t love fairytales, superheroes, or cartoons? When it comes to choosing fancy dresses, kids would surely love to wear costumes that would make them look like their favorite characters. They would love to look like Cinderella or Batman or even Winnie the Pooh. And sometimes they would like to create their own costumes so […]

Cool Cosplay Costumes

Have you ever seen people walking around in the mall dressed up like animè characters? I’m talking about costumed people walking around even if it’s not Halloween or Mardi Gras. I’m pretty sure you asked yourself what it was all for. This phenomenon is called Costume Play or cosplay for short. It originated in Japan […]

Every fancy dress costume from Abba to Zombie

As we gear up the site to serve you better and better ways of finding fancy dress costumes we have made two new additions – first up is the A to Z list of costumes – From Abba all the way down the alphabet to Zombie, Zulu and more – hundreds of fancy dress ideas […]


Fashion is no longer limited to the tall and beautiful. Nowadays, it has become a trend for all ages especially children, who have become more conscious with what clothes are basically “in” or not among their peers. And with the current wave of children costume parties, they are able to strut their favourite costumes including […]


Every time Halloween comes, young people of this generation especially children invades the streets for trick or treat. And not only that, they are also looking forward for costume parties. But because of the many costumes to choose from, they have a hard time picking the best. To help you with this dilemma, I have […]

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