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Just last week, I attended a fancy dress party where almost everybody wore something out of the ordinary. Some dressed as movie characters like Harry Potter and Darth Vader, while most dressed in Victorian Era attire and pre-WWI and WWII soldier uniforms.

Fancy dress parties originated in the UK long before this modern era. It can be trace to the masquerade balls when people wore masks and costumes. But the downside for masquerade parties was when people began to act bolder and inappropriate knowing they will not be known. That was the time when the masquerade parties were finally became not famous anymore with the social elite. From then on, costume parties started to get the fashion, but, without the masks. Until now, these costume parties are still practiced annually especially during Halloween.

What is fun about wearing a costume? It is by knowing that you can be who you want to be even just for a short period of time. Addition to this is you will have no reservations about dressing up because you know that almost all people will be there in their best fancy dresses. You can experience the feeling of being a prince or princess for the night, or the magical Aladin and Princess Jasmine, or even Edward or Bella of the Twilight saga, or the scary zombies that takes part every Halloween.

Actually, fancy dress parties are not just for adults. Kids do enjoy these parties also dressing up with their favorite Disney characters or movie heroes like Spiderman, Batman, and Superman. If you have kids, make sure that you ask them who they want to be so that they can really enjoy the party.

You see, being in a fancy dress is fun. Host a party now! Invite friends and propose a theme. And don’t forget to enjoy the moment!


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