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Welcome to the ultimate fancy dress blog for the best in fancydress costume ideas!
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Archive for March, 2011

St Patricks Day Costume Fun

Well yet another St.Patricks day has come and gone, no doubt there are a few hangovers this morning across a fair number of countries, whether you celebrated it in a bar in london or an Irish bar in New york, or even in Ireland itself there is little doubt you had fun. This morning we […]

New fancy dress costume ideas

Its been a busy morning @ yes yes fancy dress – we have added several new fancy dress costumes and thought we would post here and let you guys know of the new ideas 😀 First up we added Avatar costumes, the avatar film was such a big hit I am surprised we originally missed […]

Steampunk costumes getting bigggger

Steampunk is a bit like cosplay in that it is one of the upcoming types of fancy dress costume. While for the most part people dress in steam punk clothing to feel as though they are part of a previous era, a time when things were simple, mechanics ruled and things were beautiful and BRASS. […]


Cosplay is now gaining grounds anywhere in the world. Cosplay is actually short for costume play, which originated in Japan. Normally, the costumes are based on a person’s favorite character in anime, manga, or any Japanese cartoons. It became so famous with their fabulous and at the same time creative costumes that it has now […]

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