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Welcome to the ultimate fancy dress blog for the best in fancydress costume ideas!
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New fancy dress costume ideas

Its been a busy morning @ yes yes fancy dress – we have added several new fancy dress costumes and thought we would post here and let you guys know of the new ideas 😀

First up we added Avatar costumes, the avatar film was such a big hit I am surprised we originally missed this one, but these things happen. Check out the cool blue face paint and awesome avatar ears, with the second of the films hitting soon there will def be a few avatar dressed people at parties this year.

This led us to remember that we needed to add Smurf costumes – the bright blue elfs are great if you can get a group of you together to wear them, multiples can add a great effect and the costumes you can get are pretty good – blue top and facepaint means you dont have to put it all over you also!

There is also now a special Air Hostess section (we had airline pilots before but we needed a proper costume section for the air hostesses too.)

And last but by no means least is the steampunk costumes – if you didn’t check out our steam punk video then you should do that now – it shows you some of the awesome things people have done with steam-punk costume design – using brass cogs mostly, with clothe design a huge part (and never forget the hats!) – steampunk is def going to be big in 2011.

And thats it – we will continue to update the site so as you can get ALL of the costumes you cant find anywhere else in a single place, no more hunting around – get it done, get it at yes yes fancy dress!!!


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