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Cosplay is now gaining grounds anywhere in the world. Cosplay is actually short for costume play, which originated in Japan. Normally, the costumes are based on a person’s favorite character in anime, manga, or any Japanese cartoons. It became so famous with their fabulous and at the same time creative costumes that it has now become the trend in costume parties anywhere in the world.

The questions now that come to mind are: Is cosplay the same as fancy dresses? Since it is from Japan, how did the other western countries accept it? Well, the answers to these questions need not be complicated. These just need a simple comparison between the two. First, cosplay and fancy dress parties require the participants to put on their favorite costumes. For fancy dresses, you can wear costumes like your favorite superheroes, princesses, or Disney characters. While for cosplay, you can wear costumes from your favorite anime or manga characters like sailormoon, one piece, or the robots from Voltes V.

Basically, it’s all about the costumes. One difference that I can see for the two is the origin. Fancy dresses originated in the UK while cosplay is from Japan, but fortunately, manga and anime series are widely accepted anywhere in the world so there is no competition between the two now.

Another difference between the two is their choices of costumes. But, as mentioned above, it’s not a big deal anymore. The trend for costume parties now are already an incorporation of the cosplays and fancy dress. They just set the theme then friends flock and expose their creativity with their costumes.

The bottom line for these parties is to enjoy. Whatever you wear, just make sure that you will make the time worth partying. Just have fun with friends. If you were a fan for fancy dress parties before, try cosplay parties for a change.


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