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Is fancy dress big in America?

Fashion is freedom! In the United States the people are very particular with what’s hot and what’s not. Just take the Hollywood as a great example. The stars always try their best to be fashionable. Otherwise, you will be subject to the scrutiny of the paparazzi. But the good thing about fashion in America is that they embrace out of the box fashion ideas. The braver the person in expressing himself through what he wears the better! The people are more open to out of the box ideas in fashion. That is why fancy dresses are a big hit in America.

Just look at Lady Gaga! Aside from her cool music, she is also known for her radical fancy costumes. In fact she has influenced a lot of people around the world through her fancy outfits. Her fans adore her for her originality and style. Even well known fashion models love to wear fancy dresses.  

The United States celebrates lots of holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, where people wear fancy costumes. That is why there are plenty of online stores selling fancy dresses.

Costume parties are really popular. This is a one night only chance to become your favorite celebrities, superheroes, or popular personalities. I am sure that when you are invited to a costume party, you carefully plan on what fancy dress to wear that will make you a stand out. It is indeed undeniable that the young ones and the young once enjoy wearing fancy clothes.


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