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Welcome to the ultimate fancy dress blog for the best in fancydress costume ideas!
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Top 5 Christmas fancy dress choices

Christmas is just around the corner, so have you been naughty or nice lately? Well with these Christmas fancy dress choices, you will surely be in Santa’s good list. This is indeed the season to be jolly and to try new and exciting costume ideas.

 When you are planning a party, maybe you can dress as any of the following Christmas symbols. Here are the top 5 choices that you may want to try.

  1. Angel Costume. An angel is an important Christmas symbol. It was the angel who helped the three wise men to find baby Jesus. You can just use a white long dress with huge angel wings.
  2. Santa Claus Costume. Whether you believe in his existence or not, he is the famous Christmas symbol. You can wear a Santa Claus costume at a dinner party. The kids will surely adore you. Just don’t let your kids see you when you kiss their mom.
  3. Snow Man Costume. This outfit will melt the guest’s hearts in a party. You can just wear a white long sleeves dress with black belt and match it with a fancy black boots.
  4. Christmas Tree Costume. There can be no Christmas without the Christmas tree. This costume will remind us of what the real spirit of Christmas is all about. You can use a green felt and red ribbons to create a cute Christmas tree costume.
  5. Christmas Present Costume. Speaking of out of the box ideas, this one will give the guests a real treat! Just wear a black tights and leotards and use a big box large enough to fit your body. Use colorful wrappers and ribbons to design the box.           

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