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Welcome to the ultimate fancy dress blog for the best in fancydress costume ideas!
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Top 5 Disney fancy dress ideas

A tale as old as time, an under the sea love affair or a true love’s kiss break binding spell romance? Well I am sure you are one of those who fell in love with the wonderful love stories of the Disney’s Princesses. Who can forget Jasmine and Aladdin in their whole new world adventures or the brave Mulan and Captain Shang in finding their true reflections? We want to remember their stories all over again. But aside from the famous Princesses costumes, there are other Disney character costumes that will surely make an impact in a party. So here are the top 5 Disney fancy dress ideas that you might want to try.

  1. Mulan Costume. If you want to look like an exotic Oriental princess, you can look for an elegant red kimono and match it with a “geta” or a traditional wooden slipper. You can also try the Japanese warrior look by carrying a real samurai!
  2. Captain Jack Sparrow Costume. You do not have to be Johnny Deep to carry this outfit. All you need is to purchase online for a cool Captain Jack Sparrow outfit and match it with a fancy brown boots.
  3. Cruella De Ville Costume. She is the character that you will love to hate. Her exquisite taste in fashion will make you a star in the party. You will be the center of attention with black and white gown and fur coat.
  4. Mickey Mouse Costume. How can we forget the symbol of Walt Disney? You just need a black tights and leotards then wear a red shorts and a fancy yellow shoes.
  5. Cinderella Costume. All you need is an elegant blue bouffant dress and of course don’t forget the glass slippers!

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