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Things you need for a 70s fancy dress costume

If you are still undecided on what to wear at a costume party, then the 70s fancy dress costume is the best way to go! Think about the exciting things you can incorporate in your costume. I am sure you will not have difficulty in finding the right dress for you. You can just even look at your closet and revive some of your old clothes. Basically, you will never go wrong with white shirt, tight jeans, and big belt if you are planning to go as a rock and roll star.

If you want, you can be one of the members of Abba for which you will need a shiny suit with ruffles and a shiny pair of boots. Just don’t forget to wear a disco wig to complement your over all appearance. You will surely look like a real dancing queen! In fact, you do not have to spend too much in this outfit.

If you are a gentleman, you can express your rebellious and daring side by wearing a costume of Dr. Frank N-Furter in the phenomenal 1975 hit movie “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (Rocky horror costumes). You will need a black corset, black cape, black underwear, black stockings, and a five inch heels. You will definitely rock the house with your interpretation of “sweet transvestite”. I am sure you will give Tim Curry a run for his money. On the other hand, if you want to flaunt your sexy abs then you should go as the Rocky Horror. All you need is a tight gold trunks and gold boots. Either way, you will surely be horrifyingly delightful!


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