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Welcome to the ultimate fancy dress blog for the best in fancydress costume ideas!
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Fancydress costunes (lol)

It turns out a lot of you guys are searching for fancydress costunes? Whats a costune you might ask? well effectively its a costume, only with an N. Yes an N. Anyway. Check out these extra additions to yes yes fancy dress, nothing that suprising, but nether the less new to the list, watch this space for the ultimate super hero list, we are compiling the biggest list of superhero’s you have ever seen, so you can be anyone from green lantern to super super man. Watch. This. Space.

So anyway a few variations on the typical clown costume, for example jump back to medieval time and go as in jester fancydress instead of the modern clownage. Theres also the joker, infamous to batman fans, but a pretty sweet fancy dress costume to rock up in, especially after the awesome batman films recently.

On top of the ridiculous looking clown stuff we also shoved in some Japanese costumes, the addition of bathing belle was also sensible and then a whole bunch of glitter fancy dress stuff…from makeup to hat’s, theres so much fancy dress glitter costumes available its ridiculous.

Well thats all folks, for now 😉 back to work on this list to end all lists, as always thanks for the suggestions, specifically this week to John Peri, A. Gingham and Julie Reed, we appreciate all you guys :)


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