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Welcome to the ultimate fancy dress blog for the best in fancydress costume ideas!
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Archive for the 'fancy dress accessories' Category

Which Austin Powers character should I go in fancy dress as?

Groovy, Baby, Yeah! So you are planning to attend a party as one of the characters of Austin Powers the movie? Well, you will be in a dilemma for there are lots of interesting characters in this flick. So, if you want to be an international man of mystery then be ready to shag them […]

What fancy dress should I wear to a Roman fancy dress party?

To Roman or not to Roman, that is the question. Well, if you are attending a Roman fancy dress party then you have to decide on the theme of your costume. You can go with the traditional look or you can incorporate additional twists to make your costume stand out from the rest. If you […]

New!! Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Well if you are as mad as a hatter or just fancy yourself as a Johnny Depp-a-like, perhaps you feel like alice sometimes who is trapped between the choice of two worlds. Perhaps you are just hunting down an ideal summer fancy dress costume that you can use for a few awesome parties? Well With […]

The importance of fancy dress shoes

If the devil wears Prada, then who wears fancy dress shoes? As they say, if the shoe fits then wear it! Nowadays, it is important to have a fancy dress shoes. They will never go out of style.   If you are planning to go to a costume party or an important date, you always […]

New fancy dress costume ideas

Its been a busy morning @ yes yes fancy dress – we have added several new fancy dress costumes and thought we would post here and let you guys know of the new ideas 😀 First up we added Avatar costumes, the avatar film was such a big hit I am surprised we originally missed […]

Fancy dress in 5 Easy Steps!

It is a disaster for women to be stuck in a situation where they have to go to a party then realize that they don’t have a fancy dress to wear! With these 5 easy tips, finding one that suits every woman’s style is as easy as ABC. 1. Always know the theme of the […]

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