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Welcome to the ultimate fancy dress blog for the best in fancydress costume ideas!
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Archive for the 'Fancy Dress Tips' Category

Don’t Forget fancy dress for christmas!!

Just a quick reminder – we did an interesting post about the meaning of fancy dress at christmas, and why its even more awesome to get a tree/elf/mrs santa costume for the day…or at least for a festive fancy dress party…check out that post here and don’t forget to get buying your epic festive fancy […]

Halloween Costume ideas – recap

If you didn’t catch our post on Halloween costumes last year check it out now, we covered the most popular of costumes and its a great place to start getting ideas about your next fancy dress outfit. From dracula to zombies to ghosts to freddie and jason, there are so many options for costumes at […]

Lots of juicy new fancy dress ideas for June 2011

I don’t know about you but its half way through the year and I have already used up most of my fancy dress ideas. Because of this today I set about on a new quest, a quest for enough fancy dress ideas to cover me for the rest of the year, new/fresh/different? Ok so they […]

Which Austin Powers character should I go in fancy dress as?

Groovy, Baby, Yeah! So you are planning to attend a party as one of the characters of Austin Powers the movie? Well, you will be in a dilemma for there are lots of interesting characters in this flick. So, if you want to be an international man of mystery then be ready to shag them […]

What fancy dress should I wear to a Roman fancy dress party?

To Roman or not to Roman, that is the question. Well, if you are attending a Roman fancy dress party then you have to decide on the theme of your costume. You can go with the traditional look or you can incorporate additional twists to make your costume stand out from the rest. If you […]

New fancy dress costume ideas

Its been a busy morning @ yes yes fancy dress – we have added several new fancy dress costumes and thought we would post here and let you guys know of the new ideas 😀 First up we added Avatar costumes, the avatar film was such a big hit I am surprised we originally missed […]

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